Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Eric Gill’s Water Tap

From Peter Brooke’s review of Fiona MacCarthy, Eric Gill: ­ A Lover’s Quest for Art and God, Faber & Faber, 1989:

I regard Gill as simply lacking a normal human faculty which we call modesty if we like it and prudery if we don’t — the feeling that there is something squalid about sexual activity independent of a willingness to take responsibility for children. We live in a society which is desperately trying to rid itself of this long-established human instinct, and is making itself miserable in the process. How can we help hating the man who, through some defect in his mental formation, is what we are all trying so desperately to become?

— Peter Brooke, “The Pillar of Fire”

This article comes from the Brecon Political and Theological Discussion Group, where one may also read, for example, Satya Claire, India — Spirituality and Reality Therapy.


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