Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Soul a Stable

Went down to Veeder Tree Farm again with JIS&VH to get our Christmas tree. O’s classmate AV was there. SR & J&AH will come over tonight to help decorate.


Attended an Albany Pro Musica holiday concert at the Cathedral. Apparently not a hot ticket: JR won two tickets at a raffle and could not give the other away. How is it that beautiful things are unwanted? Which leads me to .  . .

+ +

For the first time in years I attended Mass without receiving Communion. I felt evil, rejecting the way of love, and headed for hell. But now I believe that you who did not refuse being born in a stable will not refuse entering me if I open the door to you. Lord, you know that I am no inn, but please come under my roof!

+ + +

Life-changing (?) conversation with M&O.


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