Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Julian V. Noble

J Thomas wrote:

On Mar 12, 11:49 am, castanaly...@gmail.com wrote:

> Julian Noble died on 11 March 2007, his funeral will
> be in Charlottesville, Va. at the Hill & Woods on
> 1st & Market Street at 11 am 13 of March 2007.

He told me stories about economics from Herodotus. I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to reading Herodotus except for him.

I went to a Rochester convention and slept in the dorm. John Noble was in the next room, alone. My roommate was asleep, and woke up when the noise started. “We have to call maintenance. That machine is tearing itself apart.” I tried to remember. “People told me about John Noble's snoring. That must be it.” It was surprisingly loud through a cinderblock wall. Later Larry Forsley explained that they never ever gave John a roommate even if he asked for one. After that year they gave him an end room and filled the room next to him last. And he started coming to conventions with his wife and they got a hotel room.

He was not only a gentleman. He was a warm-hearted, friendly gentleman.

I once wrote something he enjoyed:

Professor Julian V. Noble
Had a vision global:
Wouldn't it be terrific,
If Forth were Scientific?

— Forth Clerihews (read, hear)



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