Monday, March 26, 2007

Proving the Truth of God

In this last part of [The Star of Redemption, Franz Rosenzweig] enquires about truth, this innermost chamber of revelation, of the name of God. Yet this truth has to be “different from the truth of the philosophers . . . it has to be truth for everybody.” Truth has to become our truth. “Truth is no longer what is true, but becomes that which has been proved [bewährt] to be true.” This is the continuous task of synagogue and church, to prove the one truth of God, truth which is given to them only as divided earthly truth. And they do this in prayer and commandment, with which they keep the thirst for the eternal kingdom of redemption unquenched in the midst of the unredeemed kingdoms of this world. Each prays and lives according to truth as each receives and understands.
— Rüdiger Lux, Franz Rosenzweig (1886-1929)



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