Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Unrequited Love

I keep discovering that there is no causal connection between people’s behavior and the love you feel for them. Love for one’s fellow man is like an elemental glow that sustains you. The fellow man himself has hardly anything to do with it (EH, 8 August 1943). Most people here are much worse off than they need be because they write off their longing for friends and family as so many losses in their lives, when they should count the fact that their heart is able to long so hard and to love so much among their greatest blessings (11 August 1943). I believe we can extract something positive from life under any circumstances. But we have the right to say that only if we do nothing to escape, even from the worst conditions. I often think we should shoulder our rucksacks, join the others, and go “on transport” with them —

Later I'll sing a different tune.

Auf Widersehen, my dear.

Etty (4 November 1942)



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