Sunday, May 06, 2007

Francis Beckwith’s Return to the Catholic Church

. . . I thought it wise for me to err on the side of the Church with historical and theological continuity with the first generations of Christians that followed Christ’s Apostles.
— Francis J. Beckwith, My Return to the Catholic Church

Yesterday, Dr. Beckwith resigned as President of the Evangelical Theological Society.

See also personal home page of francis j. beckwith.

How grateful one is to catch a glimpse of the Holy Spirit acting on the heart and mind of another. One of the many comments is apparently from one of Professor Beckwith’s brothers:

I have known Frank Beckwith for nearly 40 years and have never met anyone with a greater love for Christ. Frank’s love for Jesus is not just found in is heart and soul though, but in his mind. His intellectual quest, which began as a teenager, has guided his entire life. I know that this decision only happened after much thought, research, and prayer.

I never doubted that this day would come, though I prayed often for it. I want to welcome you home to the Church that Christ created (Matt 16: 18-19) and let you know that the Dayton Beckwiths all love you and Frankie dearly.

You, my brother, are my hero.

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