Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why you pretend to like modern art

Spengler, May 1, 2007:

In their urge toward self-worship, the artists of the 20th century descended to extreme levels of artlessness to persuade themselves that they were in fact creative. In their compulsion to worship themselves in the absence of God, they produced ideas far more ridiculous, and certainly a great deal uglier, than revealed religion in all its weaknesses ever contrived. The modern cult of individual self-expression is a poor substitute for the religion it strove to replace, and the delusion of personal creativity an even worse substitute for redemption.

Fr.Glenn Sudano, CFR, May 3, 2007:

I can only speak for myself, but the way I see it, the spiritual crisis in the world continues to deepen. We can see that in many ways people are choosing two opposite paths. Yet, there are many, too many, who are standing with one foot on the shores of illusion and the other on the boat of truth. As the world continues to journey into the new millennium, no doubt the pain of straddling will become unbearable. Many will be forced to make a choice. This is why we must pray and preach the gospel. This is not a time to be afraid, but rather to be courageous and take a step which others call crazy. May God give each of us the grace to not keep one foot on shore, but to step aboard the barc of Peter where Christ is Captain. Yes, the world’s only sane asylum!



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