Thursday, April 26, 2007

Albany Assessment 6

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A neighbor e-mails me:

The City has determined that not all of the space in these properties are to be included in Square Feet of Living Area. Some of it, for whatever reason, is not included as living area.

I looked at my own page on the city's list, and found that they know the total square footage, but only consider part of it in SFLA. Why? I think it is because some of it is a large lobby, which is not a living space, etc.

Ouch! That hurts! Both my two stories are wholly SFLA, including the walls, the stairs, and under the stairs.

Anyway, Commissioner Keith Macdonald of the City of Albany Assessment and Taxation department tells me that for "Comparables" go by the Residential Inventory, and if that is so my program Search for Comparable Albany NY Residential Properties should be OK. Hope it is.


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